Pow Wow Etiquette

There are some guidelines that you should know as a courtesy to the Pow Wow participants.

Visitors are welcome at inter-tribal pow wows, although common courtesy dictates that all guests remain watchful and respectful. Most pow wows do not have seating, it is suggested visitors provide their own, either lawn chairs or a blanket.

For the Prayers, Flag Song, Veterans song and other honoring songs, please stand quietly out of respect.

The MC will direct you when to stand, men should always remove their hats.

Never pick up a piece of a dancer's regalia. Point out the item to the dancer and they will retrieve it.

Photography is permitted most of the time from outside the arena, listen to the MC for exceptions. If you would like to photograph individuals, ask them for permission and respect their decision.

Do not walk across the dance arena. Please supervise your children, do not allow them to run through the arena or to show disrespect for the dancers, singers or other visitors by rude behavior. Children who are running around will be escorted back to their families by the arena director.

At the invitation of the MC, guests may join the dancing at specified times. During the "Round Dance", performed by facing the center of the arena in a circle. All of the dancers circle to the left while keeping time with the drum. Guests may also enter the dance arena to participate in a "Blanket Dance" to make a monetary donation to the singers. It is important to remember the dance arena is sacred.

Visitors should not sit on the benches encircling the arena, these are reserved for the dancers.

Any questions to pow wow protocol should be directed to the MC or the Pow Wow Committee.